About us

We Are One of The Largest, Most Diverse Music College in The World

Our community is being called to reimagine the future. As the only university where a renowned design school comes together with premier colleges, we are making learning more relevant and transformational. We are enriched by the wide range of experiences and perspectives of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.
Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as leaders in a complex world.

Why us?

UGC Courses

Vedakara School of Music Put Ltd is  Rajasthan’s First & only institute who provides UGC approved Degree courses in Music Production, Sound Engineering & Music Performance.

Expert Faculties

Music is the strongest form of magic, and to enable you to learn this form of magic, we have at our disposal the expertise of best faculty. Lead by Shaiphali Saxena, our team of music trainers is highly qualified with comprehensive knowledge in their field as well as expansive practical experience. Moreover, we have at our music academy industry inspired facilities, advanced equipment and environment that you would require to learn the nitty-gritty of music and to explore infinite possibilities within the domain. 

Future of Music

Future of Music is here. We are the leading Institute in teaching Dolby Atmos mixing & mastering.

We proudly own the Rajasthan’s first Dolby Atmos Studio.

Our Objectives

•    To hone your existing Skills.

•    To intensify your passion for Music.

•    To turn your musical passion into a successful career.

•    To provide the right platform to you for showcasing your talent. 

•    To motivate our students to take part and perform in events and shows.

•    To train students for both, national and international level performances.

 Love Music? You’ve come to the Right Place!

Here at Angel School of Music, We provide students with a grand platform to make a career in music and to learn western and Indian Instruments, production, composition, Audio Engineering and various foundation and diploma courses.

Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as leaders in a complex world.


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