Career in music after 12

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Career in music after 12

Career in music after 12th

Career in Music after 12th


So you want to pursue a career in music, but you’re not sure what to do after 12th grade? Well, don’t worry! This guide will help you figure out the best options for making a living doing what you love as an aspiring musician.

Music production

Music production is the process of creating a recording, mixing and mastering. It’s an art that combines many different skills. You can learn it by doing it yourself or taking classes at school or online.

To be successful in music production you need to have good knowledge of audio engineering, music theory and composition as well as being able to read sheet music so you know how to play the instruments needed for your recordings.

Music education

Music education is a field of study that prepares individuals to teach music in schools. It’s a combination of music theory and practice, as well as the pedagogy of teaching music.

In order to teach students how to read music and play instruments, you will learn about different genres (classical, jazz), styles (concert band vs orchestra) and instruments (piano vs guitar). You may also help teachers with their lessons by providing feedback on student performance at school concerts or recitals—or even at home!


Composers are the people who create new music. They write the notes, but not the performance. The composer decides what kind of sound or mood you want to achieve when they write their piece—it could be happy or sad, slow or fast, loud or soft.

You can learn what it takes to become a composer by listening to other composers’ work and learning how they choose words and melodies that fit together well together into songs which tell stories about life experiences of different people throughout history (or even today).

Audio engineering

Audio engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on the design, development and technical aspects of sound recording, mixing and reproduction. This includes the profession of audio engineers who make use of their knowledge to help create music using instruments such as guitars or keyboards.

Audio engineers work on the record, mix and master of songs. They also work on live sound mixing for concerts, theatre and other events.

It is a good career option.

If you’re into music, and if you want to make money while doing something that’s fun and enjoyable, the career of a musician is perfect. You can work from home, with people who are like-minded. You can do it on your own schedule and even have time off when you need it! Plus, there are many different things that involve music: writing songs or lyrics; playing instruments; singing vocals or instruments in an ensemble; producing records or demos; touring (with live bands); DJing at clubs—the list goes on…

Some other benefits include:

  • The ability to choose your own hours so no one else dictates how much time is spent working each day (or week).


Music production is a great career option. It’s not just about writing songs, it’s also about engineering them and making sure they sound good on every platform. And with the right training, you can do that in many different ways!

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future in music after you have completed 12th grade. It’s important to know what you want to do with your life, and how to make your dreams come true.

Playing music is a dream that many people have, whether it’s for their part-time job or even for a career. It can take time to learn the fundamentals of how to play well and be an asset in any band, so don’t get discouraged when you start making mistakes!

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Career in music after 12th

Career in music after 12th

Career in music after 12th

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