$80,000 Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers 

Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers
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$80,000 Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers 

Scope for a Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers

A career in sound engineering is the leap that every music and technology aspirant is waiting for! And what is better than getting hired by the best in the industry? Dolby Atmos is the new era of magnificent sound technology, the thump of which stays in your ears even after the music ends! You will be amazed by knowing the Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers

So, do you want to be the part of this thrilling experience and give your contribution towards enhancing it? If yes, then let’s just dig deeper and learn more about this astounding technology and the opportunities revolving around it to earn a fortune! 

Dolby Atmos is a technological leap that has upgraded the cinematic immersion and implicated it with musical enjoyment. The best thing that this sound technology has brought to life is that you can play it in home theatre systems as well. 

People have experienced Dolby Atmos technology in the cinemas for the first time. And then, when it was embedded into the home theatre systems, people were ready to spend a fortune to get them installed at their residences. 

In this demand cycle for the Dolby Atmos sound technology, the need for dedicated engineers increased. Initially, people were given specific training to be fit for the quality requirements. But soon, there were courses to help candidates gain experience in hand. 

Today, the sound entertainment industry is hiring countless engineers to study and evolve the existing Dolby Atmos technology to make it better. But, the fresher aspirants are keen to get answers on whether such engineers earn good money in the profession or not. 

So, this article intends to give you complete exposure to possible career & earning scope in this profession. If you are planning on directing your audio engineering career towards Dolby Atmos in specific, then this article will help you decide. 

Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is the sound arena of the company where they are adding life to music. They are escalating on the experience that you get to hear. 

It is the spatial audio experience that allows the listener to go deep into the music or voice. You will eventually hear and feel more of the sound on Dolby Atmos than on usual technology. 

Dolby Atmos is being leveraged almost everywhere today! It is present in games, movies, TV shows, and even single music tracks. 

The engineers working with Dolby are dedicated to enhancing this Atmos or Spatial Audio effect to make them feel even more real than what it is today. 

Dolby Atmos Engineer- The Best Designation to Have with your Sound Engineering Degree

You need to have that spark within you to connect with the audio effects and the passion for learning the technological evolutions of it. And then, you can count on being one of the top sound engineers in India

To get along with the Dolby Atmos engineering career, you need to first learn about the sound engineering degree and everything that it should include. 

Sound Engineering involves the education on recording, editing, adding effects, and mixing the audio files. If you think that sound engineering is just about music, then you are probably wrong. It is used in the digital games, radio, film, and television industries as well. 

It is normally a Bachelor’s degree, but people also join the career paths such as Dolby Atmos with an Associate Degree as well. The Audio recording engineers take courses in Music, Audiovisual Communications, and Engineering to get into Dolby Atmos or any other sound engineering career. 

In a survey, it is stated that 57% of the Audio Recording Engineers are in the profession with their bachelor’s degree, while 29% hold an Associate Degree. The rest percentage was scattered amongst less preferred qualifications. 7% with a High School Diploma, 3% with a Master’s degree, and 4% with others. This statistic by Zippia is stated upon analysis of 241 resumes of audio engineers. 

You need to pick a major subject in your audio engineering period to decide upon which role you would like to pick. Based on the previous survey, 20% of all audio engineer aspirants prefer Music to be their subject-major course. Audiovisual Communications and Core Engineering also have 7% and 8% preferences in the qualification. 

It is all you need to be a Sound Engineer! The next thing is getting into Dolby Atmos to flourish your career to the next levels. 

Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers

Pursuing a Career with Dolby Atmos

Dolby is a company that works with product managers, scientists, industrial designers, entertainment enthusiasts, and engineers. 

Having a career at Dolby is definitely going to trigger job satisfaction and security. The entire community of Dolby is dedicated to creating technologies to add vibrant effects and feel to the work of musicians, filmmakers, and individual artists. 

It is a 50-year-old company, and it has shaped the future of many engineers here. You don’t just need the right education to get into Dolby, but you need to have extraordinary skills in the field. 

You cannot just depend upon the bookish learnings while you are interviewing or proving your candidature at Dolby. You need to be creative in your mind to collaborate with their technologies. 

There is a reason why Dolby Atmos is the most renowned audio format amongst others. It is because they have powerful engineers to work on even on the smallest of their projects. 

Dolby has engineers working in their company from all across the world, such as Sweden, Nuremberg, Beijing, Sydney, and other parts of the world. You will get to learn and improve your skills from varying professionals there. 

The music giant claims that they value every engineer and their ideas. Soon, you will have your ideas and solutions embedded in one or more of the Dolby products and will be played on almost all devices across the world. 

The pay scale of a Dolby Atmos engineer is higher than that of the general sound engineer in any other random company. You will get to know more about dedicated salaries in the following section. 

Some of the designations that Dolby has to offer for its engineers are:

  • Associate Engineer, Pro Audio
  • Engineering Manager, Embedded Projects
  • Senior Software Engineer, Dolby Video
  • Quality Analyst, Living Room Audio
  • Staff Media Platform Software Engineer, Dolby.io
  • QA Engineer
  • Senior Application Engineer- Dolby Vision PQ

These are just few amongst the many designations that they have under their requirement list. You will find tons of options with Dolby to work as an engineer. They have several non-technical recruitments as well to maintain their business workflow. 

Depending upon the country of employment, you get a lot of standardized perks on joining the community or team of Dolby. Some of those perks are:

  • Physical and Mental Health Benefits
  • Generous Time-Offs
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Fitness Programs
  • Programs to Support your Physical, Social, and Financial well-being
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

Some of the other benefits of working as a Dolby Atmos engineer include:

  • Getting the chance to see the next big cinema release at the office screening rooms. 
  • For US engineers and staff members, Dolby is offering tuition reimbursement to give them a scope of learning more. 
  • For US engineers, the employees get a total of 26+3 weekends every year. It is because the Dolby employees in the US get work-off every other Friday. 

This company has created a massive surge of demand for sound or audio engineering. People from all over the world have the enthusiasm to make their music creates an earning potential. 

It is true that today there are many opportunities out there for a sound engineer to pursue a career out of this education. But, with the right skills, you do have a chance to get into the best. 

They are also enabling remote working options to give flexibility and ease to employees. But at the same time, they still cherish the necessity of collaborating and connecting with the community. 

With all of these perks in hand, it is a great time for you should think and level up your skills, as the interview rounds aren’t going to be easy for getting into Dolby, especially for the technical posts. 

They have the best audio engineers on their team. So, it is important that you at least meet their standard of expectations, further which you can proceed with ideal guidance from the seniors. 

Working Principles at Dolby!

Dolby has revolutionized the world of sound and sight with the majestic use of science. The entire team of powerful and smart engineers is carrying out their innovative research & engineering abilities to elevate their passion for the science of music. 

Dolby has fans across the world, as they cannot just let go of the experience that its devices and the sound technology have to offer. 

The entire community at Dolby stands strong with uniform working principles or policies. The principles that Dolby follows and passes on the newer employees to state a positive welcome are:

  • They are building trust amongst one another. The senior official will allow all of the juniors to bring their work to the table and get it used for the benefit of the Dolby Atmos technology. There is trust for everyone in the hierarchy of Dolby. 
  • They have a ‘One Dolby’ policy. It means that all of the Dolby employees across the world are connected as one community. 
  • Dolby has built an optimal connection medium amongst all of the employees, irrespective of their designation, to execute collaboration in work and to maintain a well-socialized work culture. 
  • The flexibility of working at your own preferred time window is a successful move by Dolby to give a sense of freedom to its employees. 
Average salary of Dolby Atmos Sound Engineers

Now that you know the basic career ideologies with Dolby, for the designation of Dolby Atmos engineer, it is time to discuss the average payout of it.  

It is supposedly the most important section, as, without it, no one will possibly be able to decide upon joining any company. So, here is a comparative elaboration on the average salary of Dolby Atmos engineers and other sound engineers. 

Average Salary for Dolby Laboratories 

The average salary for Dolby Engineers working at Dolby Laboratories of India for different designations are:

  • Solution Engineer- Rs.8,40,000/year (2 to 3 years of experience)
  • Industrial Designer- Rs.11,60,000/year (3 years of experience)
  • Marketing Head- Rs.51,00,000/year (15 years of experience)
  • UX Designer- Rs.13,60,000/year (4 years of experience)

Hence, this proves the worthy sound engineering scope in India

The average salary for Engineers working at Dolby Laboratories out of India for different designations is $117,000/year. Other departments have different pay-scales, as the highest payout is offered to the Product Management Director, with $201,867/year, but the experience required for the designation is high. 

The entry-level salary in Dolby Laboratories as an engineer is $80,000/year, and the highest is $171,000/year. Dolby Laboratories has the highest salary for the San Francisco, CA location with $143,535/year. 

Average Salary for Other Sound Engineers

The average base salary of other sound engineers in India is Rs.3,85,859/year. And at the same time, the average pay-out for them out of India stands at $53,520/year. 

You can see the difference in the average salaries of Dolby Atmos engineers and other sound engineers. It is not surprising that people are keener on finding opportunities with Dolby before settling for anything less. 

Current Featured Openings with Dolby 

Dolby is currently listing its featured openings on the home page of its website. These opportunities are:

  1. QA Engineer in Wroclaw, Poland
  2. Staff/Senior DevOps Engineer of San Francisco
  3. Product Manager of San Francisco

Check out the website, tally your qualifications and apply for the same. If your candidature fits their requirement of experience or skills, then they will get in touch with you to proceed with the candidature. 


So, this is what you can expect to start a career with Dolby as an engineer. Give your time, effort, and patience to your qualifications and experience. It is better if you hold onto some experience in the same field to get some weightage on your candidature. 

Moreover, if you have some years of experience in the field before applying to Dolby, then you might get hired at a higher pay-scale. But, Dolby even considers fresh graduates as interns or fresher engineers for a start. 

Your passion for music is what will help you crack this opportunity. The salary, both in India and abroad, for Dolby Laboratories, is justified by all means.  If you are looking for a career in music, then. Vedakara school of music is a perfect place to learn Dolby Atmos Technology

Just like any other career path that exists, sound engineering is a modern trend that is picking up a reputation among youngsters. It always existed between people, but there was low-or-no recognition at all. 

Today, Dolby Atmos Engineer is accountable for being one of the most highly paid designations of all. And this shall continue forever with the endless demand for more soothing audio experiences in different fields. 

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